Blazen Media – Camp Lejeune (CPL)

    First, thank you for taking this time with me and answering these questions; it appears you might qualify for significant compensation based on your responses, to confirm your eligibility I need to send your information to the law firm handling these camp lejeune cases, is that ok? Great, just a couple reminders that are important for you;

    1. It is illegal to attempt to join a lawsuit under false pretenses

    2. Just providing information doesn't qualify you for compensation, you will be asked to provide proof of diagnosis documents and proof you were at camp lejeune and finally,

    3. by agreeing to be called back by the law firm, you are granting consent to be contacted and this consent supercedes any and all claims related to the Do Not Call list, understand? Terrific, I am sending your information over to them now and they will be calling you back within the next 3 minutes. Thank you and good luck with everything!

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