Firefighting Foam Lawsuit

Firefighting foam manufacturers are currently in the legal spotlight due to the products’ dangerous chemical properties. Cancer lawsuits related to firefighting foam have accused major manufacturers of hiding information about these products’ dangers for decades to boost their profits.

AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam), or firefighting foam, has been linked to increased cancer risk among people who used or were exposed to the product. Exposure can occur by ingesting water contaminated with chemicals from the foam or through direct contact with the foam at work. Firefighting foams are sold and made by some of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, including Chemours, Chemguard, 3M, Dupont, and many others.

People exposed to the harmful chemicals found in firefighting foam can hold the negligent manufacturers accountable for their injuries. AFFF has mainly affected people who unknowingly drank contaminated water and firefighters who were in direct contact with the foam.

If you have been exposed to firefighting foam chemicals and were diagnosed with cancer, The Justice can connect you with an experienced firefighting foam lawyer.

Firefighting Foam


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    AFFF Case Updates

    • 2019 – The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation determined that all AFFF cases be consolidated into MDL 2873. Around 500 pending cases were compromised by this multidistrict litigation regarding illnesses, cancers, or injuries caused by PFAS, PFOA, AFFF, or firefighting foam.
    • February 2020 – A PFAS class action lawsuit was filed against the firefighting foam manufacturers by The National Rural Water Association. It accuses them of polluting groundwater with carcinogens. In addition to other allegations, the class action lawsuit claims that manufacturers such as 3M failed to test these “forever” chemicals that have been linked to cancer.
    • May 2020 – Another class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of New York’s Eastern District by Charles O’Keefe, Tommy McGarry, and Thomas J. Gentile. The case represented firefighters who alleged that they were unknowingly exposed to the toxic chemicals present in the AFFF used to fight fires. The lawsuit called for distributors and manufacturers to cover their medical monitoring expenses.
    • January 2021 – Residents in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, reached a $17.6 million settlement with three companies, including Tyco Fire Products, over extensive PFAS contamination from the use of AFFF in the cities of Marinette and Peshtigo.
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