NEC Infant Formula

Necrotizing Enterocolitis Baby Formula Lawsuit

Manufacturers of popular baby formula brands are facing lawsuits for their role in causing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in infants. Their negligence has devastated families reeling from the effects of this deadly intestinal disease and are now lawyers are holding them accountable for failing to warn their products could have such consequences.

Any mother whose child ingested baby formulas containing cow’s milk is possibly exposed to NEC. If your child has been diagnosed with NEC or other gastrointestinal injury requiring surgery, your family may be eligible for this mass tort litigation.

The Justice can connect victims with an experienced personal injury attorney and hold these manufacturers accountable for their actions. Contact us today and pursue the justice you deserve


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    Costs of NEC Treatment

    The price of treating necrotizing enterocolitis and increasing an infant’s survival chances regularly reaches the hundreds of thousands. Two studies were done estimating the costs of surgical NEC treatments, one estimating it to be between $400,000 to $500,000 and the other being between $300,000 to $660,000 factoring in hospital costs. Both of these studies focus on laparotomy and peritoneal drainage surgeries.

    However, there is still no guarantee an infant will survive even if they receive these surgeries. Studies show children who underwent peritoneal drainage had an early mortality before 29 days of age with those who received laparotomy or both surgeries experience a late mortality (after 29 days).

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